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Einstein said as you approach the speed of light you increase in mass. What makes gravity?


As you approach the speed of light you also increase in gravity!

Electric Gravity - Pull yourself thru space time - THE GRAVITY BALL!

I theorize that you do not increase in mass if you are accelerated by gravity.

If this is indeed true, then we should be able to build space ships that travel faster than the speed of light!

To stop the vessel - activate the invention on the other side of the ships current direction of travel.

Strangely enough the spherical shape of a space craft is important.

Think about it! If you are moving thru space time at any vector and want to stop
or slow down you would need a thruster on the opposite side of your shit.
Because of this, a sphere is the best shape for a space craft.

Accelerate a tiny piece of mass to increase its gravity. Use the gravity to pull a space ship.

The next part is long and requires time to propagate the page...

I do have some proof that the device works. This is used to keep me from seeming crazy, which is
important when working etc. I would like a perspective or current employer to know that the device upgrade
is considered classified so I generally do not talk about the whole subject too much.

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