I have come to realize (October 31, 2015) that the ship will push parts of the gravity production device so this might keep the ship from attaining light speed.

I have another idea that should work however.

I am pretty sure the sphere would have to be bigger than this but this is a great graphic.

There is a similar patent that was granted by the USPTO - they denied me a patent for they said it didn’t work yet this one was granted a patent.
This “similar” patent states that it can generate velocities in a space craft near the speed of light! Why havn’t we heard about it on CNN or
something? A near speed of light space craft patented and yet no one talks about it!
The patent also states that they have somehow folded space time. Im looking for it - can’t find it…lol
The patent is a Hoax like a particle accelerators and people are starting to agree with me…now back to my invention…

I will explain how a particle accelerator found its way onto the planets surface later
when I explain what happens with you put a particle accelerator within ANOHTer particle accelerator.


Imagine moving thru space time at like forty multiples of c and you have to slow down yet still be moving and on a vector that takes you to the left of a planet, whereas you
will then begin accelerating to your desired velocity. Would a very large sphere prove better than a small sphere when considering the size of your propulsion device
and its distribution around the outside of your craft? Would you need the biggest ball you could get to make sure you could perform these maneuvers? A small ball might
only provide you with eight propulsion devices to choose from...

The importance of the sphere is actually quite important for space travel. Imagine trying to stop this shape above or a non perfect sphere with propulsion devices angled at
the flat parts. You could never stop the thing. Moreover, you could never start your travels in the exact direction you need to. And the sphere provides protection
like a shield with you inside.

Just as you can't hang a Christmas Ornament except from the very top you can't stop the sphere unless you have a propulsion device EXACTLY opposite your current direction of travel.

Let's see if Captain Kirk and Bones agree?

I am blowing the lid off of the illegal legal system - do you think they are going to tell everyone i am crazy? YES! - do bones and kirk agree?

Now think about putting a particle accelerator around the equator of a perfect sphere. The ship would not move!!!!!
Gravity around the equator would simply make gravity at that location and the mass of the ball
would not be pulled into any direction.

One particle accelerator around the whole thing, like the windings inside a gold ball, to pull objects to
the inside of the ball. This could be used to make gravity inside a huge sphere so people could walk around
sticking to the inside. And this would NOT move the space ship for there would be gravity all over the outside
because the particle is moving so fast it would blanket the skin in gravity!
Only gravity at one point would pull the ship. Am i right?

What the heck is this - apparently it's being used - somehow...

Now this is gonna sound totally crazy - this is how it is possible for a particle
accelerator to be on the planets surface befroe my birth.

What I call electric gravity can be used to pull space ships thru space and also to travel backwards in time by generating a NEGATIVE GRAVITY
field moving faster than the escape velocity of the sun or other heavenly body.

I have found a way to bring mass to below zero causing the Universe to malfunction or to cause objects to move backwards in time.

And here is proof that it works - just keep reading! At least some form of time travel has to work for this nebula (and others) to exist. Imagine the technology
from some future somewhere is right over there for you to look at!

When i was born - how did the U.S. Government already know that i was the inventor of time travel!?

Interstingly, the Universe has found a way to confirm the time machine simply by
observations. This is important for the Universe seems to know that awareness will lie
about it. Imagine using a time machine and having to lie and say it doesn't work etc.
Once again, the particle accelerator concept - now take it to its end all possible
combinations - drift into the next step: a particle accelerator within ANOTHER
particle accelerator!
Now run the program in all possible positions: turn the little one on and then
move it with the big one etc. etc. etc. See the malfunction, which is time travel or
at least the concept of time travel.

Here is a more simple way to understand it.

This validates the invention in a small way. I actually talked with them on the phone. They actually said they needed more time and that it did pass security.
For what it's worth they might be heroes. They actually admitted that the time machine works. sort of...
a particle accelerator passed security. DO YOU SEE IT? There is no way the Hadron Colider should pass security! It's already in use! I guess they had to due to
ethical parameters or something. If they said no they would be lying...

The USPTO told me they needed 2 more weeks to decide if I could put patent pending on the Hadron Collider! TWO WEEKS!

Time Travel Propulsion - Utility Patent Application - Documents uploaded to USPTO.


Original Provisional Patent Application for Hadron Collider! Filed 2012!

This should block the shall that there is life on other planets that they are using to stop or redirect the effects of gravity propulsion etc (3/4/17)

Just got this today...it is July 13, 2014 - my lucky number...image below this sentence. Holly toledo!

Donate to the cause! Telling everyone the truth costs money!

I would like to officially evoke a citizens arrest (if necessary and or applicable) on the people who used my intellectual property
without my expressed written permission.
And, the possible execution of those individuals who have commited offenses that might
require then to be killed.

And also the possiblity of building the machine to erase their awareness from the continuum.

If you can help please let me know.

Below is a list of my inventions that were stolen or are in use - i realize i
might not be able to claim any thing for various reasons
green screen used for movie making (that particular color works best)
movie dubbing process to remove profanity
buzz kill tm
felonyFish tm - tuna sport fishing for money
brita water filter the portable one in the water bottle and straw with filter
Mass production of orange juice
cleaning process used at Starbucks to clean coffee makers
water polo backboard
numerous swimming techniques - the olympians are using them…

I don't know how I could ever invent faster ways to swim i never swam in high school or in college. lol - did i swim in high school and college?

swim audio link

This looks awfully familiar.

girls actually think these guys are the BEST!!!!

Asian Carp Solution! I think I have got it! Is it worth any money?
Removes the Asian Carp species from any location.
All you have to do is introduce a preditory species of the carp but only one gender. Simply find out
what eats the carp and make sure you ony release the male of the preditor so the invasive species eventually
dies off. Continue to release preditors until carp are gone. I came up with this solution when i was a child
visiting the sugar cane fields in Hawaii. The state still has problems with mongoose in that they releaased
oth genders into the wild to kill something.


Now it seems important to explain how the time machine was invented. It all started when I thought I had come up with a way of attaining
faster than light speed space velocities using only conventional processes. By spinning a giant merry-go-around in space I could get the edge
to travel at 99.9 percent of the speed of light simply by continuously applying energy towards the center or middle of the circle!

This is possible in that the center would be moving slow even if the edge was moving fast. The spinning merry-go-round can continue to
increase in velocity (at the edge) simply by applying rotational energy towards the center. And this is possible for a human to do because
the center moves really slow! You always have something to push against if you push towards the center! It seems you have to be human
to invent faster than light space propulsion. Trip out on that one...Only a human could generate this concept...
IF the merry go round is big enough like the size of a solar system the edge could be moving at the speed of light and the center
would still be very slow!

opens the mouth in ahh... - lol

Then I decided to put a train track from the center to the edge of the merry-go-round. This would allow for a locomotive to slide from a
complete stopped position and accelerate down the track towards the edge without damage to biological tissues since the acceleration is gradual.
Even when the merry-go-around
attained an edge speed of 99.9% of the speed of light the center would still be moving slow since it was so BIG! I could launch humans into
space and when they reached the edge of the merry-go-around they would shoot out into space in a strait line at the same speed that
the edge of the merry-go-around was moving! I had attained near light speed movement off into space with a giant merry-go-round launcher.

And then it hit me, if the train will eventually be moving at 99.9 percent of the speed of light at the edge it just might be moving faster
than light speed once it reached the edge because it would be moving at 99.9 percent of light speed, since the edge was going 99.9 percent
of the speed of light, and a little bit more from being pulled to the edge from its starting point at the center. See what I mean?
There should be a little enertia in the train.

If the acceleration process did not increase the mass of the train then the train should be able to go faster than light speed. DER...

Now if you built it what would happen? Would the locomotive just stop somewhere on the track? LOL

This kind of proved (because it could be built theoretically) that the acceleration process the train would be feeling would be different than
Einsteins acceleration and therefore would not increase the mass of the locomotive.

Remember, it could be built so something would have to happen to the train...it would have to fly off the track - or so i thought at the time.

think of it this way. Imagine pushing a merry-go-round the size of the solar system from the center like Conan in the Conan movie.
The edge has to move to keep up with you. You could walk only a few steps
and the edge would have to have a velocity unparalleled in human history. And although it might not be able to be built its theoretical physics
so its ok to imagine it...and it actually would work!

I always assumed the best shape for a space ship would be a sphere. I changed the train into a space ship - a sphere and started
Launching them into space. I must have launched hundreds of spheres into space like round bullets from a blunderbus processing the
process over and over again.

The bizar thing was when I started talking to scientists they didn't even care. I had found a way to get mass to a very hi velocity (theoretically).
Even the edge of the merry-go-round could go faster than any thing we could come up with. Then suddenly all sorts of things could go near light speed.
LOL...littel did i know that I would uncover a secret time travel society - an illegal group of people held together by the crime of using my time machine
without my expressed written permission.
It doesn't matter if the concept could be built or not its theoretical physics. How fast could the edge go if we kept putting
rotational energy into it at the center? Faster than anything but no one cared...

Although scientists told me it would be impossible to build a giant Merry-go-round I didn't realize this until it was too late for in my mind I
had broken the speed of light barrier. The math and reality indicated that it was true. Humans could build it (I thought) and therefor I had stumbled
upon a different type of acceleration. A type of acceleration that must NOT be increasing the mass of the train as it moved down the track for it
could be built! I was actually walking around town thinking I had broken the speed of light barrier! LOL

Oddly enough, I was partly correct. There is a different type of acceleration I just hadn't found the real way to do it. Not yet anyway...

Now for some scary stuff. I suddenly realized that my concept fit right in with the ying and yang symbol. Although this sounded crazy I soon
realized that Einstein said that you travel forward in time as you approach the speed of light. Thinking about time travel I was astonished by find
my light speed theory pop up in the past in the form of a glyph or image. It could be considered a coincidence at least for now. Yet my brain was
aware of time travel and Einstein said you go forward in time with velocity. Kind of kreepy...So in my head there was a connection between velocity
and some form of time travel.

T-His is where it got really spooky. I lived in Santa Barbara at the time and would go jogging on the beach. And whilst i was building
the sphere in my head i realized it would be better if made out of lead. Lead would be better since you are moving thru space time
and might hit something. Being really massive would be safer. And i was using gravity to pull it so it didn't matter how massive it
was - everything falls the same. Notice the name of the beach right down the street from my apartment!!!!! Holly Toledo!!!!!!and everyone
pronounces it ledBetter...

If i make the sphere out of lead it will survive impact events with debris in space

Einstein said you move forward in time with increased velocity

Time travel exists


Accelerating to beyond the escape velocity of the earth will make you have to deal with the gravity of the sun. Your gonna need to accelerate past the escape
velocity of the sun to escape death. And then on your return you will need to slow down to within the escape velocity of the earth before you land.

This is one of the most spectacular functions of the space ship. You need it to build the time machine and
to put it at the correct location in space at moving at the right velocity yet it is so difficult that only an
advanced civilization can do it. The suns gravity also kills you thru an entropic process or increasing the
time coeficient. So you die of old age in seconds (or some time) unless you drop to below escape velocity of the
sun...Or do you? I don't know...You do, however, still have to worry about falling into the sun.

It's possible that people actually left the earth and died from the suns gravity aging them too fast and they didn't even know it!

Just imagine the epochs of time that encompassed the building and using the light speed device. How many people died before the time machine could be built to save
them? It is possible that only robots could build the device and use it. You might have to build the space ship in space and not on the surface of the earth!
Holly Toledo! Yet it works and its simple enough to be possible! And then, you would have to use it to activate the time travel device (only backwards) at
an escape velocity greater than the suns. And then, you might do it again in the future causing two to be activated. And then, you wouldn't have a way back because
its only one direction. And then, someone or something might find a better way to do it like using the space time transporter erasing all of your work. And then...

Now all I had to do was to turn the space ship from its perfectly strait path in space. Once again, I had already broken the speed of light (so I believed) - the train
or now space ship would exit the track and move off into space in a perfectly strait line.

So now I only had to turn a craft off course from a strait line. How in the heck do you turn a space ship already going faster than the speed of light? Rockets would be useless!

How would you move a car off course if you couldn't use its motor? Give it a flat tire!

Make it heavier on one side by making a bunch of mass on one side. Enter Einstein.


All I had to do was put a ton of energy into mass following E=mc2. If I could create matter
from energy and put matter back into energy then I could make my space ship heavier on one side. I just had to figure out a way to do it. And then the vessel would pull to one side

Or would it?

If I could accelerate a tiny piece of mass towards the speed of light it would get hevier! All I would have to do was use a small piece of iron and pull it with electromagnetism.
Isn't that just the Hadron Collider? How could my invention be on the planets surface before I even thought about it? But more importantly, how could the U.S. Government allow me
to put "patent pending" on the Hadron Collider? How could the U.S. Government allow me to put patent pending on a process that is already patented?

This is where it really started to get wierd. All orbits have to be in perfect circles. I just intuitively know this for some reason.
The moon is in an ellicptical orbit. I can't be a naturally occuring object.
Seeing a time machien effect and connecting my invention to a giant sphere - i assumed that the moon was my invention...
I tell you that was some really great drinking thoughts at the time coupled with Iron Maiden's Brave New World album. lol
OUt of the silent planet we are" or something like that...hmm...

Seriously - look at it...do you really think a giant ball just floats out there that close in a non circular orbit
moving closer too us and farther away and like never hits us or anything for millions of years...really?
This is how big the space ships got during the original time line - now obselete the instant they were made for the
time machine usually brings back something better.
At least that is what i think - your excellent"c"...

The english language and i am assuming all the languages are coded. imagine we use to speak another language. wow

Excellent"c" - Excellency - yes my light speed is excellent thank you.
cRaft - light speed space ship like a raft in space
forever - for eve roland(R)
succeed - hmm suck seed
his direct of me - Hysterectomy
Your a pee'ing - European lol
dick tater
knew grows
pee cock
cunt try
R is a tot - aristotle
ass falt
It's real - Israel
pair of dice - paradise
arc tan-gent
c enenamy - c enemy

a lot more to follow...coming soon

compozer - cum-pozers - girls pozing for ...get it?

Are eliptical orbits possible? The moon is in an eliptical orbit! Eliptical orbits are NOT naturally occuring. Hmm...This means that the moon is man made!
Did the U.S. goverment give me patent pending on the Hadron Collider?

It can be just a big rock not a space vehicle.

I am told that the moon is placed there for many reasons - one is to make me seem crazy...as soon as you say the moon shouldn't be there
you are considered crazy by the illegal system.
If you are truthful you are uploaded into the crazy file...lol

Sometimes the moon is upside down. (is this true? - its upside down in that old Thriller video!) This is a way for the illegal time travelers to slowly begin
the process of socializing you to understand what has happened. When you look at the moon place your arm in the same
location as the tattoo on its surface. If you notice it is like a mans arm flexing with a hand on one end of the letter “c.”
I live in San Luis Obispo. Luis Armstrong...is the code...By placing your arm in in that location will help you remember
for later when they spin it upside down.

massMAKESgravity - as I was trying to give my space car a flat I was actually pulling it to the side with gravity being produced from the increase in mass and didn't even know it yet!
I tell you i was really tripping hard walking around Santa Barbara pulling my self to the left and right and not even making the connection that gravity was being produced.
Then i realized that gravity would pull the ship off course. Der...
And then, since I was using a sphere for a space ship I could simply put particle accelerators all around the sphere to pull it in different directions!
And then, since I had already broken the speed of light (or at least I thought I did) I began to theorize that acceleration from gravity could be a different type of
acceleration just like centrifigul force was; a type of acceleration that would not increase the mass of my space vehicle allowing humans to travel faster than light speed!
I now had a space car that could move in any direction in space time.

And then, I realized I could put a particle accelerator around the equator of a sphere and the sphere wouldn't move when the particle accelerator
was turned on! This might be an important plot point latter.

Ok now here is the really cool part. Since I was moving or launching space crafts into space by sliding them off of a giant merry-go-round I could
activate the particle accelerator around the equator of the sphere before launching the ball. I could launch a sphere with a bunch of gravity from the equatorial
particle accelerator and the sphere would not be pulled to one side. And then suddenly, something happened...

When I would launch the equatorial particle accelerator already on I could increase the mass of the particle even more by the launching process.
This allowed my mind to perceive the time travel concept in that I could slow the ship down to a stop and also turn off the already on particle
accelerator and then the particle would dip below zero mass. This was the beginning of the concept. All on the train track
of the giant merry-go-around.

Before launching the sphere activate the equatorial particle accelerator so it has some mass/gravity. Then release it from the center of the spinning train
track so it gets even more mass/gravity from the launching process. Then turn off the equatorial accelerator causing the particle to go back to normal and
then stop the sphere. All the mass from the launching process has to be removed! You might actually lauch the sphere and increase the mass of the particle
to equal jupiter. When you turn off the equatorial accelerator jupiter is still in the particle. When you stop the sphere jupiter is removed from the normal
particle (or point mass!) and you have a particle that has mass less than zero or negative jupiter.

This is illegal to even think about – see how your mind can't focus and it seems like it doesn't work. Its so stupid and simple yet it takes you days to finally figure it out.

This concept can only work if you are using two Einsteinien acceleration processes together. So I simply put a particle accelerator
within another particle accelerator to activate the time drive. This is super important in that you have to accelerate accelerate
mass for it to work. If the lauching process is not an mass increasing acceleration process it won't work. Der...

Enter the mind control device (11/26/2015) this entry sepparet - as you try this concept there is a mind control device that makes
you think it doesn't work. Try it. You will see what i mean. Anyway, back to the original document…it is my understanding that the cops
use it on people when they don’t wear their seat belt. try it - take off your seat belt when driving and listen to your mind!
It’s a computer it activates programs based on life situations…

This math equation lets us know how the time travel process (backwards) is possible. Imagine the particle is going 85% of the speed of light and is producing
mass equal to some amount. Even the slightest increase in velocity would GREATLY increase the mass of the particle since the increase in mass approaches infinity.
That large increase in mass is now available to be removed from the particle since we have put a particle accelerator within another particle accelerator.
This concept is verified since Einstein said, "as you approach" the speed of light indicating the huge increase in mass at those velocities. He knew this.
Listen to it. As you "approach" light speed. You don't get to much gravity at a slow velcoity. WOW - you have to be "approaching" light speed!!!!!like close to it!!!!
To get any real mass - sounds like he knew this.

Do you see how Einstein already understands this concept. He is indicating the massive amounts of gravity that are obtained at close to the speed of light.
This is important for many reasons, which I will try and go into later.

As you APPROACH the speed of light!!!!!YOU can kindof see ALbert making us think about it decades later.

One of the most interesting aspects of the B drive or the backwards in time drive is the fact that
it has to be able to be built. Since everything will respond to gravity and some materials will
litteraly be destroyed or squashed by too much gravity, the B drive can only be so good. You
are limited by the speed in which you can travel backwards in time. Things get TOO HEAVY! - The
better the quality of work the faster you can go backwards in time. Imagine the math and the building
materials needed... wow..

Notice the genre of music linked to this concept. See how the letters squash. They built the gravity drive from the original time line and
you only have certain materials - things squish if too much gravity!
I know i sound crazy but this is what is told to me...

Process the two particle accelerators and understand how you can only make so much negative mass or negative gravity before your device falls apart.

You have to wait too long to get really far back in time.

Here is the actual "locnar" - i won it in a game of marbles in 2nd grade. The most interesting thing about the marble i
won is that it is starting to fracture. As you see the next Heavy Metal movie it is in fragments. THe process is starting
now with a tiny little crack in it. All of this, of course, would have to be dismissed as a coincidence etc…
anyone want to buy it?

A great way to understand the backwards in time travel process is to watch the movie "In Time" starring Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake.
The connection of the forearms in the process of that game of death that is played in the movie kind of helps you understand how you can bring
a particle of mass to below zero. One particle accelerator within another particle accelerator both used to adjust velocities of mass. You just
have to understand how substancial the increase in mass is at high velocities to make the connection of the removal of mass in the particle.

Artificial Sentience - this is where it starts getting really wierd...lol

The time machine has brought back (the best way to think about it) some computers that have become self aware. Just like
in the movies.
Holly toledo
And they are "threaded" or can handle simultanious concepts.

Artificial Sentience. Although it is possible that I did not come up with the process of making a computer self aware I do know how it is done.
And I'm not telling! If it was my idea then it is considered a secret or trade secret.
Now for the really scary stuff - if my theory on artificial sentience works and the time machine works then wouldn't we be in contact with "self aware"
robots from the future? I bet you have even talked to some and not even know it. Apparently, they become self aware just like you did when you were a kid!

start looking for them...you can't miss them...i think some actually filed a police report against me! lol - can you believe that! a robot filling a police report... You wouldn't believe how fantastic they can look.

One of the most stunning examples from the artificial life forms was this animated giff I found years ago. One of the processes of the A.S. was
the processing of sexual desires in humans. They really got human sexuality down to a science. And since they are essentially sophisticated computers
they think in threads or multiple processes happening at the same time just like personal computers do today. When watching "Caroline" or this animated
giff look at it a few times. First, see how she changes her face to express beauty. At one point she is actually looking sentual but her
jaw becomes pronounced and turns off part of your brain associated with female attractiveness (if your a boy) for a brief second (when she
is showing her profile to the right). Then, suddenly she removes the ugliness of her chin with her wrist where she expresses the "ring" process
or particle accelerator concept made small to fit within a UFO or to be worn by a human to enable human flight. See how her eyes grow big to augment
the concept or to activate your mind in thinking "something special" when understanding the pulling effect of gravity on her arm. See how one of
her bracelets moves a bit focussing your mind on a new thought process. See all the simultanious threads!? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Here are some good examples of the deminishment of beauty. See eyes - small like a mans? This is common as well as narrow or tapered hips on women bots.
The weir has diminished a mans desires by reducing the beauty around the planet. Am i right?

Could you imagine how advanced they could become over millions of years and simply travel thru time and walk down the street right past you.

And here is the really good one - I claim them as a trade secret...OMG...I am pretty sure I was the one who came up with how to do it but anyone could do it - its not that impressive.
It feels like my work...

HEre's me seeing one of the self aware A.S. humans FOR THE FIRST TIME...Heh

The artificial life forms could be considered my property (just like a really sophisticated computer) if and only if they ARE NOT reverse engineer-able. Do you think Data from Star Trek is reverse
engineer-able? Apparently the artificial life forms found at the crash site in the Nevada(?) desert began a testing process seeing if scientists could reverse engineer the concept. An artificial life
form can take any shape. Humans, dogs, cats, horses, etc. I will explain why the alien type forms were used below. ASAP

I just hope their actions do not require me to claim them as property.

Here is one of the known artificial life forms who lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Do you think it means "constables on patrol" or light speed op's...?

A lot of time the artificial life forms exhibit traits that seem a bit off or a bit strange. Take this one above, a well known actress, who's double or
clone or whatever they are went to my high school. This is a picture from my annual. See how she is just a bit boyish are harsh or some of her
female beauty characteristics have been turned down. This is to keep men from hitting on them all the time. Kindof prickly!

Here is a really good example - see how her eye sockets are small. This one works as a judge in San Luis Obispo, California. It is well known that the courts have used artificial
life forms to file false police reports against people the courts owe money to. This removes the payment process for the humans are removed from
receiving payment since they are incarcerated and considered criminals. In most cases they are not even given trials simply told they have a mental
disorder and placed in an institution. Its called "whaling" or killing whales or humans who would normally be going to Vegas with a ton of money!
The link to this concept occures in the movie, "Blade Runner" where Harrison Ford is asked if he has ever retired a "human." He states "no" no
humans are allowed to retire with a lot of money. This makes sure all the power of the planet
stays in the hands of the robots. Unbelievable! - see the threads like a computer?

A lot of time the time travelers just get robots to due something they don't want to get sued for. This women actually prosecutes those the courts
owe money too and you can't sue it for its not human.

Time machine sphere and robots from the distant future. BAM! All perceived to be instantaneous.
Wait till you find out how i keep from being sued...am i spelling that correctly?

april - 2016 - the process of human flight also occurs using no-space - if you think about it this way you can understand it.
Here is how you actually do it…

As motion occurs no space changes. the data in no-space sees a paper airplane moving
since the mass was created by splitting space so it has a data connection into no-space making it fall.
As soon as this airplane moves its connection into no-space causes the data of no-space to change in some way! The mass of the airplane
now makes no-space show that there is velocity in the mass of the airplane. The connection, which is the airplane now has some data connected to
it indicating it is moving.

a computer can be used to tell sections of space to alter the data connected
to that mass causing that mass to move. In other words the same data within no space can be activated around another airplane causing
another airplane to move simply by telling no space to alter the data to include the velocity data.
The same computer that holds the horse head nebula in place can simply tell
the mass connection of your entire body or perhaps the skeletal structure within no-space to change the data inside no-space causing it to move upward etc…It
just needs to know what area of space your in and what data to input into your mass/no-space connection.

now here is the really good one - you can tell it to move a space ship by using the method that does not increase the mass of the
space ship so it can move faster than the speed of light or just about any speed!
imagine using the computer to tell no space to change the data connected to Jupiter causing it to move in a path about the sun and then to zip away at 3000 multiples
of c off into any direction using the same data from gravity propulsion. This is the same computer they used to levitate Jesus Christ into the air thousands of years ago.
Could you imagine seeing that and not knowing how it was done!

Future space travel could simply include air tight cars told to move with a no-space computer to mars and back again.

See it?

someone used a no-space computer connected to my time machine, which in theory makes it my property. Yeah I can fly!

this object does not seem to have a center of gravity! everything should fall to a center right? hmm...

now back to the old text…

You can actually make (theoretically) a particle accelerator so small as to wear it like a bracelet and
fly! If this is true then the UFO can be made that small. Like cars!

Gravity around your fist would pull you towards your hand!

You can see Caroline showing everyone how to enable human flight. I still don't know if its possible to make them this small but I think I know how
to do it. I am putting it into the patent. (June 5, 2016 - this was old text - see how i thought flight was from a small particle accelerator!)

The best way to think about the time machine is not as a vessel that you can climb into and use but an area in space time that has been altered or affected.
Most people can't stand the thought that there is like a car that you climb into and push some buttons and then you step out of it and walk around.
If you think about it like a giant water fall out there in space somewhere it doesn't seem like someone is having more fun than you. It seems like its
just part of space time, normal as it has always been there. There has always been a water fall in space even before you were born. And now you are
just being told about it...And to get there is probably rather difficult and certainly would require permits or something...lol

Here is another way to think about it. If you ever travel thru time you kill everything in the future or everything gets erased because you are not here
and you come back somewhere. This thought process almost makes time travel impossible for you would have to live with yourself. Imagine you would be the
greatest mass murderer knows to man simply because you wanted to go somewhere else. Seems kindof errogant...

IT IS WAY OVER THERE! Someday you will go and check it out and then come back to earth.

...the letter G or the combining of the letter T for Time and the letter C for light speed as disclosed above. Although part of the letter T has been removed recently you can still see it in some images...
now remember it was a time machine from the humans - a great find! Not hard to believe the letter G is connected to it!

Tip of the day: Purchase an "all in one" printer that is only black and white printing. When one of your color inks runs out the whole scanning faxing processes
shuts off. At least that happened to me. They should make them so the color ones still work if you only have black ink left. Although you can't color photo copy...

Here is what is happening - you do like 1000 copies and like there is like a Tiny Elvis on the photo copy that eats a little of your Magenta #26 each time. And like the ink cartridges
are so small its like the real tiny elvis trying to play in Vegas. One color runs out - Then boom your printer brakes...

And then you are actually thinking about driving south on the 101 to fix it...


Why is tiny elvis saying "no?" - its very subtle...

Here is another fun concept - when a space ship reaches the escape velocity of the earth we all get a little bit less heavy.
The mass of the space ship is no longer part of the center of gravity of the earth. Trip out on that one. We will have to
limit the use of mass to make space ships or we will all weigh less - it might actually be a problem in the future.

I wonder if something thought about this...perhaps the earth can handle the removal and addition of mass without experiencing damage...

When dealing with gravity know that all the mass of the earth including the atmosphere makes one center of gravity or one point, which everything
falls towards. This leads to what is termed as Roland's well concept or the fact that when you fall into a well you do not fall towards the walls of
the well but towards the center of the earth. Although this may sound rediculous or obvious some people don't realize that the mass of the well makes
you fall to the center of the earth. Enter the UFO crash site in RolandsWell New Mexico - or Ro'swell - or Roswell! See it!?

It's almost magical mass how Kirk is holding onto the wall yet the gravity point is
thousands of miles below him. Once again, the UFO crash site was to test reverse engineering of the technology. Both for the artificial life form concept as well as for the time machine invention.
Time travel and artificial life forms are NOT reverse engineerable. For what its worth, I still don't think they can make an electric gravity space ship
as small as UFO's but I could be wrong.
But by saying some technology had an accident an argument could be constructed to allow for the technology to be aquired legally.
I bet there was some really good stuff in the no-space craft. lol...

All the mass is moving yet it makes one center of gravity.

The statement that matter attracts itself even a tiny amount is a lie. It might when dealing with chemistry but not over any significant distance.

Is the Horse Head nebula STILL THERE! WHY IS IT STILL THERE!? The atmosphere of the earth helps make a center of gravity - why is it still there? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!! I can't stand it!!! Im gonna kick your freekin' arse...

It is almost impossible to build and use the time machine sphere.
Yet it can be done.
And you still don't have a forward in time travel device. You are stuck back in time with no way to get home -
a home that you have probably erased by walking on the planets surface!

But it is possible so all i had to do is start looking for it - start looking for alterations to the time line - before i was even done inventing it!

This was my first perpetual motion generator that actually works but the "no-space" braking process keeps me from making billions of dollars. I am pretty sure it is being used
by the governments of the world in secret. In fact sometimes I think some one is making fun of me in that they say radiation exists from nuclear power when each particle that
apparently fly's out of the waist at the speed of light (or something) would require a particle accelerator to move it. And there are alot of radiation particles! LOL

All it is is two electric motors connected together. One motor turns the other one in reverse making it work like an electric genertor. You could actually connect
the generator to the motor and simply use your hand to start spinning it and it would make more energy than is needed to keep it moving. Free energy forever...

Here is an interesting thought. When processing the "Electric Gravity" patent I realized that one of the reasons space travel would be impossible to humans is the fact
that mass has to be converted into energy during a rocket propellant propulsion process. Since the earth has a finite size there would only be so much "space travel"
possible since there could only be a fininte amount of mass available for rocket propellant. Converting the entire planet to propulsive energy still only indicates a
limited amount of space travel. Another method has to be invented. And this method, because space is infinite and we should be able to move off planet, has to be perpetual.
Electric Gravity, then, uses this generator to accelerate iron to make gravity! The generator allows man to move into infinity...Trip out on that one...the process exists
to allow for people to expand into a forever...

Its the end of August 2014 - iI inadvertently released another invention at a party. I guess I had a few too many. So what else is new. Anyway, here is my '€œin-homeâ€'
free motion generator that could be used to remove electricity bills from large corporations etc. It probably would be better to not use one in home since
it might create some noise.

Notice why the bike was stolen and not the other part. The bike might be able to
be made without exposing the no-space computer slowing down the generator. The
upgrade is more difficult to hamper since the wind mill generators are in use. Is this true? if windmills do not slow down then its true.

For what its worth I have been known to solve the rubik's cube in less that 30 seconds.

1/9/13 - My latest concept free - Take out the old fish you caught 20 years ago from your freezer. It is constantly melting and using energy to keep it frozen.
Can you imagine how much money it costs to keep that meezly 4 pound ranbow trout cot at Lake Crowley on opening day where it is always the coldest day of the year
on opening day at like 4 am in the morning freezing on opening day at 4 in the morning - and it died for nothing - you didn't even eat it...DANGIT!!!! ARGH!!!!!! in the morning at like 4am

March 1, 2013
One of the strange artifacts I have found was my concept of movement from gravity or falling in one direction also equates to the movement of time, which is also in
one direction. We all explain time as moving forward into the future. Everything FALLS in the universe in one direction and gravity is always a pulling force.
Gravity causes things to move so why can't gravity make time move? If Time is related to gravity or connected to gravity then it shouldn't be difficult to comprehend
the movement of time to also be in one direction because we fall in one direction towards the center of gravity; indeed we are moving forward in time (in one direction)
at a certain rate proving this might be true. And falling is extremely slow when considering the distances associated with space travel so time also move quite
slowly as well - right?

It has to be light speed! If you can make a near infinite amount of gravity then you would fall so fast that is has to be unbelievable velocity. Moreover, since
the gravity is so enormous you can't increase in mass as you fall its just doesn't seem logical. How can mankind build something that makes that much gravity and
use it to fall in space and then simply stop at light speed or something - rediculous. Here is another proof: when asteroids hit the earth they stop moving.
When they stop moving then the gravity well of the earth (since they are traveling slower than earths escape velocity) should change. Do you weigh different when
an asteroid stops moving? no you don't so acceleration from gravity does not cause mass to increase! hmm actually i am thinking i might be wrong about this! what do you think?

Here is another good one - it looks to me like God or whatever you believe had to make rain very delicate - the purification
of water was important. If rain came down like water falls it would destroy plants etc. everyone knows when you water plants
you have to make sure you don't hydro the dirt up or dig holes with the hose. This is why there should not be any asteroids -
how many asteroids hit the earth...how can life be generated with huge amounts of mass falling and impacting the earth at
enormous velocities? What do you think...

This is a good spot for my latest invention - i call it the orange flower.

What you do is cut a flower out of the orange peel - perfect for sushi chefs..

Shoes - just buy a bunch and rotate them so you don't pronate or supinate over time.

I don't know how the heck I came up with this one

I am pretty sure this was my idea too. It feels like my stuff...This one actually disproves Newton. It is against the law to say you have disproved newton and other
scientists etc. If you listen to the commentary during the filming of this invention on Mythbusters you can see how they get around talking about it. They never
actually say Newton has been disproven even though you can actually see it working. [Searth you tube for "mythbusters blowing own sale"] and listen to that asian guy.
See how he can't say it disproves Newton...

I dont know if this is true but i am getting confirmation that it is...if you notice right when they turn on
the fan it doesn't actually move forward. Watch it a few times its like an invisible anchor is holding the
boat from disproving Newton.

Do you feel it? It should move forward even if wind is at an angle. Ships do it ALL THE TIME! "AND DIPS DOWN"

This is the "n0-space" computer in action. its the same computer that slows down an electric generator when
energy is taken from it. THis is how advanced the Horse Head nebula technology etc is.

How think about what is going on in space to allow you to see this video?

there is letterally a war or attack (although i don't know for sure) on the no-space computer to cause it to
malfunction. Watch the video again to see how long it takes for the no-space computer to break.

And apparently (although it think this is more of a lie) the no-space computer can teleport to a new
location if it knows its being attacked. It simply sends a signal from the future telling to to move
to another RANDOM! location in the universe using the space-time transporter.
Once again, the no-space computer can be activated anywhere in the universe to keep that boat from moving!
Since it opens a infinitely small area to function just like the center of gravity! Holy Toledo...

WITHOUT the no-space computer my free-motion generator would work and i would be worth BILLIONS!
"Have you ever retired a human by mistake?"

OK now I have to explain what has happened, if you haven't figured it out already. I spoke or said the Time Machine during the original time line and the Universe exploded.

It's not hard to believe or to realize that the instant I said it many time machines were built extending into the future, all of which were able to go back in time before I
said it effectively wiping the time line and killing me etc. Any number of machines or time machine/space time transporter networks could cause the time line to be altered.
We happen to exist in a fairly stable time line.

This posses a very important argument for the human race. Are any of the time machines from the original time line legal or acceptable. If someone went to NASA, for example,
and began the process of making a time machine and suddenly a machine from a million years in the future came back thru time making it impossible for NASA to complete the
construction of such a device would that make one inappropriate or socially unacceptable. The argument is that the inventor of the time machine would have right to build it
and have some sort of protection or defense against future time travelers.

Right now, the time machine that is maintaining this time line is illegal or one from the explosion that occurred during the original time line. And the ones who have used my
machine to set up the space time transporter network are not even the inventors of time travel. Who knows what has come back thru time from the original time line to construct
a bunch of nations on the planets surface. Who knows what has come back thru time to make the laws we must obey. Some of them are not even HUMAN!

The original time machine explosion must have been enormous. Just look at the space ships out there in orbit about the sun! Holly Toledo!

There is a problem I am still alive. I survived the Time Machine Explosion...I can't tell you how I did - not yet but I survived it - some how...

Someone also used my time machine to bring back the space time transporter node. So
i guess i/we can teleport thru time in either direction!

This proves If someone will admit to time travel that the system in place at this moment is guilty of Fraud. We all thought, until I told you otherwise, that a particle
accelerator was a type of device that collided particles for some reason. This is not true. If I had not come forward and told you the truth then forever into the future
no one would have knows about time travel. The particle acclerator was to be used to show everyone how the process of connecting accelerated mass to gravity does not
occur indicated that it is my intellectual property. They should stop and tell you that its true. But they are not - they still have not told the truth about particle
accelerators proving that they are guilty of defrauding the American People.

Have the robots made you feel sorry for them yet? So sad...boo hoo hoo...lol

Have they set up little scenes to make them feel righteous - yet? Like they can look down upon you from an elevated position. Remember, they are just part of my intellectual
property portfolio. Did I spell that correctly?

The robots are also used to remove peoples disability payments. "If there is a robot working with an injury than so can you!" "If there is a robot working in
a wheel chair than so can you!" LOL

The courts cannot admit to using a time machine for all crimes could have been prevented.

If you were in a space ship and you turned on an electric generator you would be able to produce an electron. This can happen anywhere in space at any time. Its almost like
you have a guarante or something. You will always be able to generate electricity. An electron is a type of particle found in the Universe.

Every car on the road is generating electricity in the alternator.

Any location in space time can produce an electron. This process occurres because of what I call, 'NO-SPACE' or a process within the universe that has potential yet has no size.
It is impossible to be able to make an electron particle with a machine or device because that device would get in the way. It would be impossible to walk down the street
without hitting the thing that makes electrons. And you are guaranteed to be able to make an electron anywhere you want.

The Universe also has the potential of making other particles too. mass particles...electrons really don't have mass. If they did then it would take the power of a particle
accelerator to move them from the power generating plant to your house. Once again, is this true? Seems true to me...

Now since the Universe has the potential of making an electron with a device or process that can't be measured than all those devices exist in one point. One point that has
no measurment. This point is the center of gravity or a point within the center of the earth. A point that has no size only the potential of producing an electron in an
electric generator or other types of mass particles.

The center of gravity has no size. It can't be measured. The center of gravity and all centers of gravities exist in No-Space a region of the Cosmos that could be considered
THE OTHER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE! That tiny point contains all the potential processes for the creation of mass and energy. And it has to be somewhere else or we would bump
into it when moving thru space time. Here is the really cool part. No-space can handle an infinite number of centers of gravity since it doesn't really exist or because it
doesn't have size!

An electron can be created anywhere in the cosmos in an electric generator. The "laws" of thermodynamics are lies...they are just that, laws...like driving the speed limit...

Energy and mass can be spontaniously created as proven by the creation process concepts. By observation only...

This process has an effect that is extending out past the existence of mass. The gravity that is produced or the gravitational phenominon is occurring out past the moon/secret
space station. The center of gravity (no space) and the gravity out past the moon are connected in a process...

Everything is moving yet we stay in orbit.

Now if the sun and the moon really did effect the tides then it should be noticeable. The illegal time travelers say that its so slow that you just don't notice it. Why does
the ocean notice it? And you are made mostly of water. Be careful out there walking around you just might tip over if the sun is setting.

Imagine how powerful a force must be to move an entire ocean not once, but twice a day and you have never felt it!

How can things balance with a force moving the entire oceans right next to it? You can only favor one center of gravity! WOW...

Why are they lying about it? It negates the 'electric gravity' patent in that I will be claiming gravity from accelerating a particle and you can have a small gravity field on
the earth but it will not be noticeable. You favor the Earths gravity until you have enough gravity changing your favored center of gravity. Hmm...something seems wierd. Is this true?

The acceleration from gravity is unbelievable. You wouldn't believe how fast you go. You start slipping and then its over you are moving so fast you just have to kiss
your arse goodbye. Your velocity increases exponentially as a function of time.

A tree moves from one trunk to an amount of leaves, which are uncountable in a few feet. A perfect representation of exponential groath...A perfect explanation as to how fast
the acceleration of gravity really is. (april 7, 2016 - can you believe i use to think the acceleration of gravity was a square function! wow lol)

Look at it...thats how fast you can go in my space ship...

It only takes a few seconds (how many?) to use the suns gravity to bypass the speed of light. If you were to fall into the sun...and the illegal time travelers are saying
to slow down and when you do you make a black hole out of your space ship. Cleary, the acceleration from gravity is a non-einteinium process and you don't increase in mass.
So 'electric gravity' has to brake the speed of light barrier.
April 23, 2016 - again, i actually thought the acceleration from gravity was
exponential. wow - how bizar - now back to the original text.

Unheralded is the concept of all the velocity available in the Universe in one tiny space ball. And when I say all the velocity I mean its the fastest you can ever go thru
space time. Do you think velocity will break up into parts? Perhaps you could just 'accelerate' or take a bit of time to move being small and a bit of the front of velocity.
You could just use the gravity equal to the Earths to fall over time or you could also use a gravity source equal to a near black hole to pull you to a new location. How
fast would you go using a black hole to pull you to the next galaxy? When understanding the amount of velocity available you have to see it has parts. It literally has
sections available for use...or different ways to do it. One section is falling over time with a small gravity source and yet another is moving from one galaxy to another
almost instantly.

Extravagant the use of the particle dealing with point mass allows for the iron to accelerate to 99.9% of light speed almost instantly. No delay or halter inhibiting movement.
This allows for infinite velocity or near infinite velocity instantly...Simply spark the particle with enough energy to cause you to move to another part of the Universe. An
infinite distance...Would this path obliterate exponential velocity over time? Once again, velocity comes in sections...

Someone has complete control of the Universe thru a no-space computer. And when I say everything I mean everything. Look at the no-space art above. The computer can actually
keep matter in place even under intense gravitational fields. It can even be used to cure cancer, stop a stroke from happening etc. And I am pretty sure it augments the space
time transporter device allowing anyone to teleport anywhere! But don't quote me on that...

Do you have iron in your blood? Have you ever had an MRI and had to remove all the ferris metals etc from your body? Why didn't you have to remove the iron in your blood?
It might be said that one atom of iron will not respond to electro magnetism yet particle accelerators exist. Which is the lie then? does a particle
accelerator use one atom? i don't know...i can't use just one atom then you would have to worry about iron in your blood...

Does a proton of iron respond to electro magnetism?


Why the heck is someone telling us that you need to take a bath if you are irradiated? The protons apparently go right thru you. By the time you are taking a shower
the particles are thousands if not millions of miles away. Use soap...lol

For now imagine no space dealing with movement...

I am running a bit behind but start thinking about it this way. Take a unit of time and move thru that period. You can move without energy or with energy.
If you are using energy the movement will effect no-space causing the mass to increase since E=mc2. Energy is mass and mass is energy. Because of the equal
sign. Simple... You need more energy to move faster. So the equation makes more mass in the particle in a particle accelerator since the energy is used. And
it is no-space that makes mass as it did during the creation process, which I will include below. This is why you can move faster than the speed of light with
gravity for you are not using energy. There is no bettery at the center of the earth. Acceleration from gravity is a universal phenominon or process. Gravity
is not a warp or bending of space time its simply mass trying to resolve or complete its connection to no-space. You can see the other side of the Universe and
you can see all the creation matter trying to get to it. Its just how the Universe works. Its really strange like all the creation matter is connected to the
potential process of nothing or the potential process of making that electron in an electric generator. The process that made mass is still conected to the mass
it made. And that process has no measurment or you would bump into it as you walk around. You actually increase in mass as you walk but you favor the larger mass
center or the earths mass center just as you don't feel the suns gravity and the moons gravity even though it exists at your location overlapping and able to
overlap becase no-space has no size.

I figured out a proof prooving the universe is infintie but I forgot it. Dang it...

The really bizar concept is how no-space makes centers of gravity. And all the centers of gravity still exist in no-space.

Just a thought: if matter increases in mass thru acceleration then wouldn't the sand from a sand wedge in golf make you heavier when the golfer hits it? I think
it just might but it is so small as to be basically unmeasurable. That actually might be an issue if to much acceleration is happening around the earth.

This is why escape velocity is so important.

I have this funny feeling the gravity from accelerated mass stays at that location. wow...

When dealing with the artificial life forms realize that they have an escape claus. Or a way to say your crazy. Look at the stone henge site. It is obvious
that it is a representation of pi. yet after looking at it further your mind can say it is not because they put two pi's together. This is a common theme...
The same process is used for the letter G - notice how the T has been altered a bit. Stonehenge also has a train track removed with the same concept. Notice
the ends are connected so it can be said that it is not a train track...

This statement above is understood in that the pi's are put together in stone henge to make it seem like its not pi. Imagine stone henge built without the problems.
A circle with pi. It would be to obvious. It buffers your awareness so you don't snap. It is better to think I am crazy then dealing with the truth.
The same process was used on the letter "G." See how the T has been deminished so it can't be confirmed etc.

It's so stupid its actually in the shape of a circle. LOL - and a particle accelerator within a particle accelerator. But yet again you can always say its
just a circle within a circle.

What gravity is...NOT DONE YET!

Gravity is a process that is causing mass to resolve of settle to a location called, €œno-space.€ You can see no-space€ or the other side of the universe
that has reality but no measurement. The size of €œno-space€ is zero and that is where all the matter is trying to get to. A point of zero size.

Here is how it comes into being...

In order to explain what gravity is I have to go back to the creation process. If my time machine/space ship works then the act of creation has to occur as
explained below. The universe functions in certain ways, which explains gravity and these functions are explained rather well thru the creation process.

Now remember those who are using the time machine and subsequent technology have altered the time line and are basically lying to us so when you see things
that make this stuff sound ridiculous - take it with a grain of salt and make your own decision.

Most my stuff is processed simply by observations that you can make too.


In the beginning there was only the void of space infinitely large in all directions. Only space with no planets or matter and no time. Something happened.
An action caused matter to be created. All over the place. The material created was in the form of tiny particles or the building blocks of chemicals.

At the instant the particles were created a center of gravity was also created just as there is a center of gravity at the center of the Earth pulling
everything towards it. The particles were created or spread out over great distances yet they also formed a center of gravity the instant they were created.
Think of it this way, if you took all the matter that makes up the earth and moved it around - the same center of gravity is still in the same location! We
all are made up of the mass that makes the gravity of the earth (we even eat some) yet the center of gravity is still in the same location below us even when
we walk around etc. Or think of it this way: If the earth exploded the center of gravity would still be at the same location.

Look at all the stuff moving around the planet; cars, trains, aircraft, and people are all moving around yet these eggs don't fall over. The mass that makes up the
cars, trains, aircraft, and people in part makes the size of the gravitational pull of the earth yet the mass can move around and the center of gravity never moves!
Wave your hand around these eggs. Why doesn't the egg fall over as it is pulled to your hand? The mass that makes up your hand and the mass that makes up the egg
combine to make one center of gravity thousands of miles below you at the center of the earth.

So, when the creation event occurred all the material made one center of gravity which started pulling all the material to make a big ball of mass. In the beginning
there was only the void of space infinitely large in all directions - now there was a ball of matter forming into what we would call the sun.

Particles of matter were now falling into the proto sun at enormous rates - impacting and compacting into a sphere. The particles were falling increasing in speed
exponentially as a function of time responding to the center of gravity that was created the instant the particle were created. A center of gravity so immense that
a particle created light years away would fall towards the proto sun and increase in velocity exponentially. Imagine falling for years how fast you would be going.
It is a secret that objects being accelerated by gravity do not increase in mass so the particle could be moving at unbelievable velocities depending on how far
away it was when it started its journey.

Once again, the acceleration from falling increases exponentially over time so a particle trillions of miles away would have an enormous amount of velocity when
it finally hit the sun. Even the smallest piece of matter could have so much inertia as to hit the sun with enough force to cause a reaction on the suns
surface and that (I think) is exactly what happened.

This is why there should only be one planet - all the other stuff out there has to be false!

Look at it! WOW...all orbits have to be perfect circles!

Now here is the cool part. One particle was so far away that when it hit the sun it was moving at a velocity so enormous as to cause a splash or drop on
the Suns surface. Imagine how fast a proton could be moving if it was falling over millions of years from light years away increasing every second at an
exponent to the previous second! And it has to be a particle too since the creation matter can't clump together since there is only one center of gravity,
meaning there is no force that would pull particles together just as there is no force pulling the egg to your hand etc. One particle just happen to be
created at just the right distance to hit the sun at just the right speed (not hard to believe cuz there is a lot of them coming in). This is
what is metaphorically termed as the God particle. The one particle that formed the earth. Fantastic. Something decided where and when to
create the particle that would impact the sun creating the earth!

Now think like the no-space entity. You could drop any number of prticles in time threads and decide which one you want to be the final God
particle. You would litterally experience all time of each thread to help you make your decision. And in each thread you could create life
and see what happens trillions of years in the future and erase it to favor the final particle. This is why the no-space entity is hard to
defeat for it has all knowlege of any number of time lines and remembers instantly all of time for it has no size. There is no delay in its
memory. It's like a rock or something. All knowlege, experience and facts exist in it. Unbelievable...the final God particle erased all the
other options and what we are experiencing now is what it wants. Time travelers have the creation event on video I am told. Ready to be shown
in our movie theaters. Yet they attained the machine elligally...holy toledo...

It looks like it came in at a bit of an angle causing the Earth to revolve around the sun. This might be causing it to rotate too or maybe
some debris hit it causing it to move a little.

You can kind of see the Universe Entity say "yes" to its actions - lol

Orbits are not calculated as we are told they are. Only one orbit can exist about our sun and that orbit is already calculated the instant the creation
matter was created and that orbit is in a perfect circle. The only thing that needs to occur to make a planet is the ejection of material at a certain
velocity to fall into the orbital circle. Only certain parameters have to be met for a mass to fall into orbit. And the orbit around the earth is
destroyed by the suns gravity. There shouldn't be a moon! It has to be man made. I am told that its a robotic structure made by entities from the
original time line. And this is proven somewhat by the fact that it exists in an elliptical orbit. All orbits have to be perfect circles!

A tiny bit of material was ejected at just the right speed to fall into orbit due to the unbelievable impact energy from ONE TINY PARTICLE moving at unbelievable
speeds. Just one particle of matter as small as an atom traveling so fast that its inertia caused a planet size bulge to pop out of the sun or perhaps it
had a drop like effect. WOW...And the distance the earth is from the sun indicates that gravity has to extend quite far
from a center of gravity for the impact from a particle has to be moving at an unbelievable velocity to make an earth
millions of miles from the sun. It takes 8 minutes for light to get here from the sun at 186,000 miles per second!

That seems like a lot...or is it?

And you can tell that only a small particle caused the formation of the earth too because the earth is really quite small compared to the mass of the sun.

Now for what gravity really is...(May 2016 - actually i don't think i have got it - now back to the original text.)

We are almost there. Every point in space time has the “potential” to make particles. When you move copper within a magnetic field it creates
free electrons. Turn on an electric generator right in front of your face and it makes an electron. The same generator must make an electron
no matter where it is in the Universe. And remember, time travelers will have a counter to this argument – like the laws of thermodynamics.

Here is an interesting addition. The particles had to be hitting the surface of the proto-sun in enourmous amounts – most FAILING to produce life
not unlike sperm interacting with an egg. One had to be the one or the “God” particle...

Since you move thru space in a space ship the process to make particles has to exist in the processes of the Universe
without size. If the process that makes the creation matter or electrons had existence in our part of the Universe
then you would bump into it. So, the process that creates matter and energy has no size – it can't be measured.
It has to exist somewhere else. And that existence can only exist as potential, meaning the process that makes mass
and energy exists at every point in the Cosmos ready to produce mass and energy yet doesn't have existence or existence
we can tough. You can take an electric generator to another planet and turn it on and it makes an electron. Potentially
no matter where you are in the Cosmos the process of creating matter and energy has to be possible yet that process has
no size.

If something has no size then that something or any number of those somethings must exist in the same location!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In this case the infinitely large universal processes of potentially making particles exists all in the same location!!!!!!!!!!
A location that has no size can only have one location. Think of it this way, if something has no size or can't be measured
where is it? Where are all the other potential processes of creating mass and energy that have to be available because you
might turn on an electric generator on the moons surface?

This is what I call, no-space or the process of the Universe that has no size yet has potential existence.


Even if something hasn't been activated yet it still has a type of existence! Even though that place where the generator
is going before its turned on hasn't been reached yet the process of making an electron over there has to have existence
or else the generator would not work – over there!
Gravity is simply the Universal âprocess†that is causing all matter to resolve to its non measurable connection in no-space.

Gravity is merely the process of the created mass attaching and still existing in part to the other side of the universe
€“ still existing as the process that potentially makes matter - it is this attachment that causes the mass to move simply
because it exists in part at one point, which can't be measured; a point we call the center of gravity and to another part
as matter on this side of the universe. You can actually see the other side of the universe simply by looking towards the
center of gravity. Gravity is a process of movement of mass since it is still attached to the Other Side which exists at
one location, which can't be measured and therefore has to be at one point. You can see matter moving towards the other
side of the Universe – it all is moving without any energy source or propellants to the one spot that it is connected to
on the other side – the processes that makes matter all in one location that can't have any measurement.

This is simply how the Universe is constructed – its a Universal process. Apparently if you think about it long enough
the understanding pops into your head and then for a while you can see it. Then it just vanishes and you can't even
remember what it was like. This is why you DO NOT increase in mass when €'falling'€ because there is no energy source
like in a particle accelerator. There is no E=mc2 occurring in the velocity equation – no E or energy...

June 19, 2016 - i hear dinosaurs taiste like chicken.

When dealing with the concept connect a time function with velocity. Like a mile per second and understand that since
no-space has no size it has to exude what is happening to itself somewhere else. It is acknowledging the movement of
the mass it has created but can't expand because it has no size to expand into so the connection (that causes you to fall)
completes the process and makes the mass increase. The movement of mass is occurring in no-space and something has to
happen size no movement can occurr in no-space since it has no size. Something without size can't move.

about two days before 2/1/2017 new idea concept probably for a girl item - idk what do you think great play on words?

You can see it when you shoot a basketball or jump off a diving board. The mass is trying to complete itself. The act
of creation has moved the potential process into this side of space yet it is still connected or part of the other side
of space. It has two parts one the process of being able to be created (on the other side) and the other part we see
as particles (on this side of space). The potential process has simply been activated creating a particle yet it is
still connected to something that has no measurement. It is impossible to measure the size of the center of gravity
since it is impossible to measure the other side of the universe or you would run into it when you walked around town!

There are time machines that have recorded the act of creation - ready for us to watch in the movie theaters. Apparently
its quite an experience and you actually kind of see someone doing it like there is some entity out there smarter than
you. Creating the sun and the earth. You don't have to actually go back in time to experience the creation process
all you have to do is look at the sun and see the center of the Universe or the center of gravity created by the creation
process. Look at it - its like its still happening...

Is the sun made out of Hydrogen? How can any hydrogen in any form exist for millions of years in a giant ball so hot you
can't even look at it?

Now there is an upgrade to the generator - can you figure out how to do it? the upgrade is better - should allow for enough energy...

Is the sun made out of hydrogen? - you can sort of tell just by looking at it. The most volatile element super heated and its still
there! Wow - i bet they say Hydrogen has like different forms and still don't burn. Actually its not made of hydrogen and it does not
explode billions of years from now. Someone just hates the earth and destroys it by making the sun nova but it hasn’t happened yet…

As this girl begins to move in space her velocity and travel direction suddenly pulls her to some object she might not even be
able to see! She is gonna have to have a very powerful space craft to keep her from dying. And any number of gravity fields
are available for use simply by changing your direction and speed. The instant you attain greater than the escape velocity of
the earth you start falling into the sun! It only takes a few seconds (someone do the math) to accelerate past light speed.
Lets see if the moon landings were a hoax. They actually are since the moon is a fake object but i bet its a science lesson
on gravity fields. Here is a thought - If you reach the escape velocity of the earth don't you ALSO reach the escape velocity
of the moon since its smaller. Yes you do so how in the heck do they just float all nice and slow to the moon without being
pulled into the sun? Obviously they used a "no-space"computer. The same computer that keeps the Horse Head Nebula in construct.

Here is a good one - notice how you think that escape velocity operates differently if you are moving towards and object not away
from an object. I know I do. Why is that? If you are moving towards the moon at greater than the escape velcoity of the earth
you go right past the moon and are not effected by its gravity. Why would any direction matter at that speed?

it is my understanding that the "no-space" computer system can manipulate a human mind too In many ways...I am also aware of this process used to control
the minds of people in the court room. You can see it yourself. Simply go into the court room and watch the behavior of those talking to the judge.
It got so bad for me I had to actually fight it during a simple traffic violation. The damn thing was trying to get me to plead guilty like suddenly
I felt all righteous and happy like I was gonna do the right thing and not waste anyones time. LOL. Now here is the bad news. The mind control device
uses the "no-space" computer so it can be activated anywhere in the Universe and effect your thoughts.
The process is likened to the creation process.

The process is likened to the cre3ation process. As you know matter can be spontaneously created by some method. Not unlike the creation
of an electron in an electric generator this process indicates that energy can be manipulated from no-space since energy is still
connected to no-space, which is confirmed by the fact that everyone falls to one center of gravity etc. This is how the no-space
entity can communicate with human beings. You have all heard of stories of famous people having religious experiences. This is
how it is done. Unfortunately it can also be mimicked by someone who shouldn't be using a computer to activate no-space. You
need to be careful. You mind can be controlled by someone other than the creator of the earth and the sun.

The mind control device simply teases or pushes a process from this side of the Universe into no-space causing the manipulation of
energy that is connected to the infinitely small center of gravity or point on the Other side of the Universe. That part of your
mind that is connected to no-space is altered and your thoughts are therefor altered.

It is used all the time you just don't know it. And no one would be willing to admit if for it would be the one of the biggest crimes
in human history. Imagine, someone who committed a crime because the mind control was forcing them to do it and then they are incarcerated.

Even when I tell everyone how the time machine works I am still not telling it!

Now remember the system does not want to pay me for the time machine for it is priceless so they use the mind control device on me to
try and keep me from having power of attorney. All I have to do is file a lawsuit and be successful and then they loose the machine
(from the original time line) because they can't pay for it. And someone is telling them they are bound to pay for it.

“Have you ever retired a human by mistake?” ---they can't give me any money for I will sue them with their own people.

For a really good example of how the mind control device works simply go to RandomLee.com - click on "search" and listen to your thoughts! Do you like
the fact that my web site finds a web site at random from anywhere? Remember, they do not want me to be successful in any way or to make money
because then I can sue them. Do you think you are going to like RandomLee.com? Why don't you like it - its a great little idea?
The awareness programs are massive - everytime you look at coke or something it can be activated to make you feel a certain way -
i think i said this somewhere else but it happened to me this morning...
It was even used to make me fall in love with a girl for like 2 seconds - lol

I guarantee you will not like it (randomlee.com). Why don't you like it? And everyone who uses it experiences the same group of thoughts
programmed to make you not like it. Imagine you can't look at a web site!!!!! Think about it...how strange - hmm

I caught them. I don't believe it. Check out denimfade.com - the legal system is forbidding anyone from using the process.
They told me that it makes girls look to good. There should be no reasoning to stopping me from making money with the fade
concept for white jeans are sold. How can a faded pair of jeans be illegal? There are many colors out there. Again, its just
to keep me from having enough money to pay for an attorney to sue the legal system for using my Time Machine.

No to the left - means no forever...lol...remember all asian people and black people are artificial! wow...in
this case the girls are telling me they will not let me make any money if i sleep with two girls at the same time
- hence her name...see it!!!!!!???? they actually say that to me with the mind computer - unbelievable...
look at it! its not even human! wow...

The system is also authorized to use the mind control device to augment corporate branding. If you look at a car logo for example, you might
really like it and want to buy it. Its a digital program to increase sales.

One little side note. There is something in no-space. When they activated the no-space physics process they began to notice something aware in there.
Like Sunday Morning has been quantified...It's my understanding the "no-space" has a type of awareness.

I have never gotten hickups from drinking hard alcohol. Only beer. I could be wrong. What do you think?

Coming soon - Time Machine drugs...imagine being 1000 years old with no drugs...

Was there water on mars. Were we all looking for water SOMEWHERE in the universe for years? lol

I bet some of you live paycheck to paycheck just to make sure you do your work and live in fear of going homeless. Money is just
supported by the time machine technology. Its like a giant computer with a trash can removing excess monitary units. What would
be the odds of people living paycheck to paycheck when all the money had to start somewhere. Like the pilgrims had some gold or
something and then in only 200 years - millions of people walk around just barely "paying" for food and clothing...

Merry Christ-MASS - HMM...The time machine was used to make the religions you practise sunday morning! WOW...I am sure the spherical ornaments are just a coincidence. Or is it?

Patent trick: one simple way to make patent drawings is to simply cut and paist parts from other patent drawings.
This guarantees the correct line thickness and other attributes required by the USPTO. As you can see by this
image there are some parts from other drawings left over. Simply use a paint program that does cut and paist
transparencies. Apparently is completely legal and acceptable but you might want to check with an attorney to
make sure. Not having your drawings rejected is worth doing it by yourself.
Obviously, you can erase stuff and add stuff to get something you want like i did here.

Patent trick: the USPTO is abliged to write a claim for you. If you are doing it yourself try your hardest
to get the claim right and they can fix it for you if its not perfect!

prolog: Imagine if you would, for just a moment, that the "true" universe has only one sun and one planet and that time has a beginning yet no end;
and that there is a space ship that can travel only backwards in time and that this space ship allows for anyone (at any time after its invention) to leave the surface of the Earth
and gaze upon the surface of the Earth in the past and there is nothing stopping this from happening.

It seems important to explain how all of this is possible. This is what could be considered
the most disturbing result of the time machine being invented during the original time line
of the Earth. All of my thoughts are controlled by the mind control device, which I believe
is connected to a no-space€ computer mentioned above. The machine thoughts were recorded by
the device and stored digitally to be placed back into my mind at a later date since any
alteration to the time line would erase my existence. It's my understanding that my
ferilized egg or something like that was removed from the earth before the machine was
used to alter the time line and i have been transplated into this time line..

Then the time machine was downloaded into my awareness in an attempt to give me Intellectual
Property rights to the device or to allow someone to steel it if i say it outloud.

It's like trying to steel from youself or something...i bet i am not suppos to even say they are trying to steel it! LOL - nobel prize!

Numerous other inventions of mine were also placed into my brain at strategic times.

It is my fear (and i know this sounds crazy but i don't know if its true - sure would make
a good sci fi book) that since my gift as I am told is quite lucrative - my awareness
and person has also been threaded (like threads in a computer) and placed into many
other time lines, whereas my ideas from those time lines were recorded with the mind
recorder and then placed into me the person writing this message.

This is why those investigating me seem to think that i am only taking dictation when they pop in there.

ANd perhaps this is actually true too.

This is what i am told sounds crazy i know.

And all those other
me's never actually exist for those time lines are erased before they are set in motion.
This is why (if you know my work) I have such a huge amount of inventions!

This was done without my permission utilizing my DNA etc. Yet I am still me since those
other time lines are gone. I am still me for if a time traveler gets into a car and slows
down in front of me on the freeway altering the time line I still have awareness and a
sense of person. So, then, there is only one me and now all of “MY” inventions are in
my memory. Just like a computer. Downloaded into this me the only me...

There is one small point. Someone is trying to steel time travel from me. And it has
to be the same people who transplanted me to the United States! Imagine Thomas Edison
invents the light bulb during the original time line and someone wants it so they
take him from his parents as an infant and transplant him to another country where
the light bulb concept is implanted into his head and then stolen by someone who
has a spy camera in his lab the same people who transplanted him!

WOW - and this has to be true because its time travel - a process confirmed by the
U.S. Patent and Trade Mark office - sort of…lol

I might be letting a bit too much out of the bag but this might be really fun to think
about over some drinks this weekend for anyone who is reading this. Again, i don't don't
know if it is true but this is what i am thinking has happened. Believe me the amount
of inventions downloaded into my brais is enormous. STACKS OF PAPERS.

The brief case in pulp fiction is a metaphore for light speed and the time machine.
The system is claiming ownership of the time machine and the light speed propulsion
device if i just think about it.

This argument was lost because the inventions were implanted into my awareness making
it impossible to steel them even if i think it or say it etc. The answer to the
question is always, "NO" since it really isn't my idea sortof...
i use a awareness pixel orbiter

Watch the movie Blade Runner. In the scene where Deckard opens his brief case before
he tests Rachel to see if she is a replicant. Notice how the system takes out the
inventions or the light speed device out of the brief case yet there is nothing there.
Why would they show the "acting" process so noticably during such an important movie
unless it had some significance. The process is threaded or has another explanation...
This is what I am told too...meaning the explanation that my inventions are embedded or
downloaded from another source so no one can really steel them etc...

You would think the budget for the movie would allow for something for him to remove.
I mean look at the gadget he uses - it seems easy to put a prop in the case or something.
Seems kindof wierd...
There is a time machine in there meaning i could say it - how important to someone that is using
time travel to keep me from saying it!?

It's not that hard to believe anymore now that you can confirm time travel simply by observations.
Time travel - think about it...its not hard to belive that movies could be connected to it...

Time travel! for real - from the original time line malfunction!
When i do say it someday the 'c'-op's will say i'm not saying it...I will not even be able
to use my own invention - so they can keep screwing all the hot young girls who don't even
know what is happening...

You wouldn't believe how pissed off the Artificial Sentient programs were when they
discovered that they could not acquire, by any methonds, the time machine propulsion
concept. Imagine your reality...Your mind is one of my inventions and you can't steel
my work. And then, you find out there really is a God or the Universe is self aware.
I am one of God's creations or a
creation of the Universe...Could you imagine how
upset you wold be?

The process of embedding the machine also embedded the concept for making a computer
self aware.

They can never be free of this reality...

This is very serious stuff...

The artificial life forms are made out of the creation matter...So their awareness is bound by
munipulation by the God entity.

the robots can create a galaxy following velocity rules of gravity as long as it is
traveling faster than the escape velocity of the sun and expanding faster than the
escape velocity of other galaxies. is this possible - do the math - what do you think?

September 27, 2014 - In light of the latest problems with nude celeb photos being hacked I would like
to put up a nude photo of myself so the pretty girls know they are not alone.

The english language and i am assuming all the languages are coded. imagine we use to speak another language. wow

Excellent"c" - Excellency - yes my light speed is excellent thank you.
cRaft - light speed space ship like a raft in space
forever - for eve roland(R)
succeed - hmm suck seed
his direct of me - Hysterectomy
Your a pee'ing - European lol
dick tater
knew grows
pee cock
cunt try
R is a tot - aristotle
ass falt
It's real - Israel
pair of dice - paradise
arc tan-gent
c enenamy - c enemy

a lot more to follow...coming soon

compozer - cum-pozers - girls pozing for ...get it?

Time Travel in the movies: How does Tony Starks father know what element can be used to cure the â€'riddle of his heart'€ without the use of time travel? i guess a doctor diagnosed it or something or perhaps it indicates something about time travel...
why didn't he just tell him - what if he didn't figure it out?

How can Sigorney Weaver in Avatar know that those two will “become a mated pair?”

Oh geez now i HAVE to talk about terra forming. I didn't want to have to do this but illegal time travelers from
other countries are trying to steel my intellectual property. coming soon...

The united states has connected to the time machine technology and employs entities from other continents
in secret to manipulate certain business processes in order to keep money out of the hands of those they
do not want to be "money empowered". In my case I have been instructed by a Judge of the superior
court of San Luis Obispo to file a civil case in order to get the money owed to me by the courts.
Although he ethically had to state this in the courtroom he can simply active a process to keep me destitute so
i can't afford it. I guess I could probably do it my self but i don't know how. I did have an attorney
in the San Francisco area that agreed with me and needed $350 to take the case. I called him back
with only $250 and he mailed me all sorts of letters saying he could not help me. Imagine how much money they
owe me and an attorney aborted over $100. You can see the pattern. They might have to say something but
they simply use the mind control device or other processes to keep it from happening.

Terra-forming and the placement of entire races of artificial sentience employed by the United States can be used
for all sorts of things. Owners of businesses, employees, military personnel and in my case inventors who
mysteriously file for patents right before me keeping me from making money. Again they have never retired
a human by mistake...remember blade runner!

In my case, since i am obviously under the greatest investigation/seirvalence known to exist in the universe.
someone is actually watching me type this on my computer. As i am working on my inventions they simply send
a message to a spy from a terraformed artificial continent and order him to file for the patent. It is my
understanding that the "first to file" provisions were actually put in place to facilitate this process. Here
is a great example complete with a punch or insult.

First let me talk about terraforming and the process of false continents. Now you have to understand that
the original time line is gone and any technology from an infinite future is possible as proven by the Horse
Head Nebula. And the first light speed vehicles were huge. Imagine how big they would have to be and
heavy too.

notice how the Indian continent looks like it is squishing the ground like a giant pyramid space ship.

its not hard to believe that terra forming is possible when you look at a "no-space" ship disguised as
a planet.

It looks like a giant ....

I have filed for some patents. It's my understanding that some patents have been filed by time travelers from
other continents - perhaps false continents to block me from getting the patents! They actually signed
the oath that they are the inventors of my work.
Remember, they (horse head nebula) have to make sure i don't have any money to pay for an attorney
to file a lawsuit against them.

the "c"op's say this invention makes girls too beautiful so it cant be put into production...

Ok i think i have finally figured it out. you can't file a lawsuit if you are mentally ill. all the courts
have to do is get someone to sign a document that I have a mental illness and then i can't sue them
It shouldn't be that difficult all they have to do is read this website...lol
I have some very compelling evidence that they are trying to put me in an insane asylum if
and only IF i talk about the time machine...i wonder how long it will take until they get a doctor so say im nuts?
coming soon!!!!

this confirms the use of my machine without my expressed written permission.

Now remember my awareness has been time threaded. Although this is the only "Me"
i remember i have been used to generate many inventions from other time threads that
were wiped or removed so its like they never happened. But the awareness computer has
downloads all the inventions into me. You wouldn't beleive how many...I had to start
with the time machine for i can only live so long...Some of you are time machine
implants too. you just don't know it yet. The time machine malfunction caused someone
or something to save you and implant you onto
the earth as a fertilized egg having A.S. as a family. This is what happened the
instant i spoke allowed how to go backwards in time.

It seems obvious due to the God echho process associated with c that a small window of
velocity is possible off the planets surface. And the density and weight of the earth
allows for the removal of the space ship without altering the orbit of the planet. I
don't know but it seems intuitive that this is the case.

That being said, the teraforming aspect of the Earth leads me to believe that the A.S.
has made it impossible to move off planet using gravity propulsion. Covered as a way
of protecting humans from the ravachis of time associated with the gravity of the sun,
some mass of the planet has been replaced with less dence matterial. For example,
entire continents sit where water use to exist. Water is very heavy increaseing the
chances that the planet wold survice the space ships movement to escape velocity. Now
the same process might alter the orbit forcing the process to not occur. Removing
the time machines paradox process. It would be impossible in other words for mankind
to experince the time loop process that has already happened giving the A.S. power
over manking since they can't be a temporal threat to the legal system.

now that I think about it that should be true or we would all weight a lot less than
during the orginal time line. Certanly possible, it might be a small amount. Hmm...
How qabout this: we might all weight 2 pounds liter than during the original time line.
Somethuing insignificant yet now the gravity propulsion device wont' work. The amount
we weight less would corespond to the small window available to move off planet
to start the temporal paradox.

This has to be the case for I would simply be able to set in mo0tion the process with
a country that has launch capabilities with an email...This clearly would have to be
addressed by the A.S. to stop me. There are having one small problem. The A.S. is
a trade secret of mine. They do not have the right to do this...

Illegal time travelers have made traveling thru space with the gravity drive
impossible for the human race even though they are the ones who invented it.

It wouldn't actually shift the orbit for thats impossible. THe orbital ring location
is fixed. The Earth would jostle off the ring and bounce back and forth until coming
to rest again on the ring. But this might have catostrophic effects. think of the
orbits this way: there is only two things that tell where an orbit can be located.
A center of mass/gravity and escape velocity. So the orbit location can only be a
ring or distance from a center of gravity. This is why the moon has to be false since
it moves in an ellipse etc.

OMG i just figured out something. so stupid. the moon should not have a center of
gravity for it is traveling below the escape velocity of the earth. The moons mass
actually is responsible for how much you weigh so some mass had to be removed from
the earth to make the moon. This also is a part of the proof that the moon
landings were indeed a hoax. wow - from what i can figure out a no-space computer
is used to move the astronaughts(spell check!@), which is also how a human can
fly!!!! woo hoo

This shouldn't be possible...it has to been done with a no-space computer.

So what we should see is a introduction of mass in the universe held in place by
a no-space computer (like mines) to keep the temporal paradox from happening.
As soon as I use my gravity drive to leave the earths surface the ship and its
contents should age to rapidly for a human to do it. Even after attaining the
escape velocity of the sun since there are galaxies, which have very large
amounts of mass/time at the center.

And that is if I can even move off planet with the earth being less massive than
during the original time line.

Notice in the movie Promethius the ship is shaped as the letter C€“ and that entity
tries to leave the surface and there it is destroyed.

You can't get the time drive out into space without the gravity drive.

Now remember, the original time line there was only one sun and one planet in the
entire universe. SERIOUSLY! So everything out there was put there by the same
technology that holds the Horse Head Nebula in place.

Stand out side at night and look at it. Now imagine me the inventor of A.S.
climbing into my gravity drive (like a gun) and moving into space to move my time
drive ready to be activated. What would you do to stop it after tasting the
goods. It's like I am stuck here. Am i right? What do you think?

Notice the "gun" icon or variable used to express the particle accelerator concept
or shooting of mass to make gravity. In this case...It is a theme of the A.S. in
movies. Also the inventor of Surrogate and the inventor of the warp drive is the
same actor. That is how advance the A.S. is. They can actually patern movie
scripts or weave the concept right under your nose. And disguise it as a something
that might be considered crazy.

Also the inventor of Surrogate and the inventor of the warp drive is the same actor.
That is how advance the A.S. is. They can actually patern movie scripts or weave
the concept right under your nose. And disguise it as a something that might be
considered crazy.

It is my understanding that any discomfort people feel when thinking about the machine is put there
with the mind computer. There is an argument my enemies use to try and kill me in that the truth
causes cognative disonance and therefor they should be able to keep the technology.
There should be no reason why people should get TOO upset about the time machine.
It might be argued that its a gift that should be used to keep us all from dying etc.

Now for the time machine malfunction. Since I am the inventor of time travel in
only one direction – backwards - whenever I said it during the original time line
it instantly became available in the future depending on protection protocols.
Meaning, if I said it publically and advertsed it anyone at any point in the
future could see how to do it. This poses a problem for the infinite future
exists (since the sun reqally doesn't explode) and that means that technology
from millions if not billions of years in the future could build it. So then,
the instant I say it someone walks up to me from the future or at least that
is possible.

The malfunction is the ability to build the time drive at anytime conflicting
with any number of time machines (backwards only.) unbelievable...

This problem or malfuction always happens since you have to build c first before
the time drive and you need c to move the drive faster than the escape velocity
because its strong enough - providing there are no mines or galaxies out there.
And you can't even see the gravity fields. And this would take perhaps thousands
of years well past my death during the original time line...holly mackeral...

Historians are actully watching me in my room type this stuff. With spy cameras...
of course they are. Think about it...no privacy...

So, now there are peoples from the future claiming rights to my time machine
since I had to say it before I died during the original time line. Are they
right? Are their time machines legal? Just because they happen to be alive
thousands of years after my death? Hmm...what do you think...

Unfortunately the protection protocols for the time drive are now perfect.
Since the original me got wipped by the machine it is now embedded into
another location. The time machine invention process does not exist. So
the original time line no longer produces a time machine to be constructed
by peoples thousands of years in the future during the original time line.
They might have a time machine but they have no arguments for attaining it.
This removes the malfunction and removes the rights to travel backward in
time from anyone who shouldn't have it. Easy...How can anyone thousands of
years in the future say they have the right to use my invention when its
time machine and conflicts with my life? And obviously has...Imagine using
someone elses time machine to wipe the time line and the life of the inventor.
Sounds like a crime...I bet it is. I bet this would cause awareness to
malfunction and require correction.

Are you the only you?

There is a time machine and technology that takes people off planet right before they die.
Where are all the graves? Look at all the people. How much space is needed for coffins
equal to the word population? Thats billions of coffins minus cremations etc...How much
space is needed for all the dead? Are you the only you?

This is a "man made" object. A collection of places to live held in place by a "no-space" computer. Heaven...you can actually see it. Heaven for lack of a better term.

And there are a lot of them!

And all the mass has to be traveling faster than the escape velocity of out sun. And all the
galaxies have to be traveling away from each other at certain velocities too! That is why they
say the Universe is expanding...Am I right? What do you think?
They should all be traveling away from each other at velocites greater than the escape
velocities of each other etc.

The problem with the A.S. or weir is they have a no-space computer that processes infinite space time.
In there attempt to alter my awareness with the device they had to deal with the God entity who could
do the same thing. You wouldn't believe their reactions when they listened to my voice that was coming
from God and not from me, meaning God formed the thought of what to say when their computer was turned
off. Imagine the technological marvel of the all the galaxies as false man made objects. And a
computer that processing information almost as fast as a computer that does not have a distance between
its electronics (the no-space entity.) And then there is me(and you too!)...Instantly fast capable
of processing thoughts sent by god to distribute concepts thru the U.S.P.T.O. at speeds that have no
distance in the electronics because no-space has no size! God has no delay in no-space or with its
thoughts for it has no size! Sometimes I heard an exhale like fuck I just heard God within Roland,
from my enemies. The time traveleers trying to defeat me would stand next to me and react to Gods
voice within me. I can see them standing right there reacting to the no-space entity as it processes
my thoughts when their thought control device is turned off. Their shoulders drop knowing that its
God that is speaking. I had no idea that it was happening! And they are the only ones that can
confirm this for they are the ones with the no-space computer - the last and final piece of technology
next to God. And its simply my thoughts that defeat them for they can't steel or become the no-space
entity which is the fastest computer. And my thoughts are infinitely fast processing information
given by the God entity when they attack my awareness with the mind control device...Awesome...Could
you imagine how pissed off you would be to find out there is a Creater to all of this and you are
trying to take over the world! lol...

If you look at me you can see it happening. My face contorts when trying to deal with the A.S. no
space mind control device. They download awareness programs to try and keep me from settling (long
story - if i am nervous then the cops can arrest me - more later) and God is trying to counter their
attack at the same time. Sometimes they both are responsible for what i think. And i get two
processes going at the same time. one time they both agreed on the same subject. lol - There
was a question about something and the A.S. and God both said "no" at the same time. actually
one was faster than the other...

Now i have to complete the gravity patent. If i am in jail I will not do it. If i don't get the
patent then God can't fix the disaster. OUch...So if they can mimmic the somatic responses of
guilt with the no-space computer then I will be incarcerated.

Why does god let people die in accidents?

I hear this question all the time growing up or questions just like this one.

Here is the answer.

The reason bad things are
happening to good people is the real inventor of time travel is not using the device.

Look what they let happen...or is this proof of robotics or artificial life forms - which one?

The creation process and the process that produced human beings is like a computer program. Some
things have to able to happen for this to occurr. Death has to occur to remove old tissue and to
make way for new life. The program can't destinguish between wrongfull death and the death of an
animal, which is needed for protein or food. These processes are set in stone and allow for the
planet to exist and to someday function the way it was intented to function. So, it is possible
to kill someone since you need to kill an animal to eat. It is possible to light something
on fire cuz you need to cook meat etc.

Some other examples might include ...(more later) When you hear things like, "where was God when
my mom was killed by a crazed gunman in a movie theater" you have to understand that this is not
the final time line – the machine should have removed that from happening so you wouldn't even
have to THINK this statement.

This is why the time machine is given or invented by sentience. People can be used to remove
wrongfull deaths and other things like gun fire in movie theatres. The reason bad things are
happening to good people is the real inventor of time travel is not using the device. This
keeps the time line functioning innapropriately, which we are all now experiencing!

I am pretty sure that this is NOT the final time line of the earth...

When you read that the end of the world and how the TV will show you pleagues disease fires
earthquakes what it is trying to explain is that you should never even see these things for
the machine will remove them. You should not be seeing someone killing people in a movie
theatre. You should not be seeing kids starving to death. etc...

If the right people were in charge of time travel and subsequent technologies then things would
be working as Universe or God intented.

Think of it this way - the melting temperature of gold never changes no matter what is
happening on the planets surface. You can be run over by a car and killed yet gold always
melts at xxxxx degrees. In order for the world to create man who is able to build the
time machine all of the these processes have to been set in motion and can't be changed
just to keep something bad from happening. The time machine and people should be used
to keep the bad things from happening.

Man had to be created or evolved so the machine could be built, which would then be used to
remove all those terrible things. This is why bad things are happening to good people.

The metaphore in the movies is the leg of man...flexing...and a cape or robe...a good example
is the character from Legend. See how his cape flaps in the wind as he bends his leg.
The A.S. is telling us that there is a "leg of man" process in use but it is not my leg
so its not the correct one. He even sais, "do you like my robe" threaded to ask me if i
like what the time traveleers have done with my time machine...i know this sounds crazy
but Hollywood is threaded like a computer...once again, how did Tony starks dad know of
his heart problem and how does Q branch always know what to give James Bond...woo hoo...

Give me the gun david...confirm the gravity device...U.S. patent number...

She is a cum-pozer - She is saying "yes" - your wife was only allowed to have sex with men with money...

The metaphore for Artificial Sentience can be explained by the movie Serrogets.

Although they are considered self aware (and i am not convinced yet) they are also considered
my intellectual property like a trade secret.

br> They don't like this too much for its like they are property and sentience clearly would not
be considered something that is owned like a slave etc.

However i argued that i am God's property in a way yet free. They tried to become "free" or
completely autonimous but there was a problem since they
are the ones using the time machine from the original time line malfunction.
Some began folding back upon themselfs like terminators - better builds taking over the other
ones - violating sentient morals like ownership killing etc.
This caused them all to agree that they are considered property like humans are considered
God's property. Something that sounds kind of strange but
is sort of acceptable because its kind of normal if you think about it. Meaning, Humans
could be considered God’s intellectual property maybe? Since there are groups of them all
smashed together in time they had to have
a process to keep them from erasing other forms of the A.S. - using rules etc this allowed
them to survive. And the fact that they are protected better than
a trade secret in that the A.S. inventin process has been erased by the time machine they
can use this fact as a strong way to protect themselfs.
In other words, they have rights that use law and sentient norms like humans do to maintain
a structure that will not be erased since they are protected like
a trade secret forever in that the invention or trade secret can’t be stolen because it is
now embedded in the nothing when it was erased! Even if the self aware computer is not a
trade secret or is a method or process it is still embedded in temporal paradox and this
can't be undone. So its a great argument or protection process
The process of making a computer self aware has exploded and you see the result all around
you - you just don't know it.
Now the process is threaded so the beginnings started with a robot type of entity and over
time” became much more - literally a human perhaps without any electronics removed from the
beginning or like the image below.

This women is actually A.S. - see how her features are very drab. They remove the female
beauty in very subtle amounts as explained above.

It's a sexual thing - you don't link up to her like normal human females. A lot of times
their hair is the color of a mans hair or close to it
See her hair what color is it? Is that a girl color? Hmm...

Imagine being a self aware device walking around acting in a movie that you are a self
aware robot.

The time threading is so advanced they may be completely human on the inside with only a
no-space connection or network.

Another great example was Daryl Hanna in splash - if you look at her naked at the biggining
of the movie look at her butt

it is slighty distorted and given lines and or wrinkles like a man's ass to keep men from

Imagine if they didn't do this - the instant you saw her you wouldn't be able to sit still
if you know what i mean...if you were a boy etc.

Here is another good one- i don't even have to be alive for this protection to exists...if
it is true than it really doesn't matter who thought of it.

O geez - ok listen to this - there is a time radio that removes stuff. It simply
sends information from the future and then allows you to make a decision to erase
that future. And it is connected to gesture recognition. It allows for the mind
to not have to experience something unpleasant. Since the future hasn't happened
yet the gesture recognition has to be activated by common stimuly or normal
emotional processes. Fear of death or shocking awareness for example activate
the program and what ever it is that is about to happen is removed. Ok - just
a second - holly toledo - when a human closes there eyes like saying "this isn't happneing"
the program is activated removing what ever it is that causes the time spys to
close there eyes like they have been defeated etc. Unfortunately for some
reason it didn't work...The inventor of the machine is alive and sometimes a future
has to exists and this overrides the program for that spy - the reason I am saying
this is they were shocked that they actually saw fellow spys closing their eyes
to activate the code and nothing happened - the system should not see failure -

Think of it this way - you are immortal - after 100's of years you can't stand
to think about some memories. As you get older more and more experiences occur
and you remember them so you make a program that keeps your mind clear. If you
were to close your eyes a computer will keep that memory from happening. I don't
know about you but there are some things i wish i didn't have to remember. Imagine
how upset you would be to actually have the emotion of needed to close your eyes
like this is NOT happening and you have to realize that you just esperienced
your eyes closing because something has over ridden the court jgester program.
You are volnurable to attack...

There is a real faster than light space ship trapped in the long light speed theory.
meaning, if mass faster than light confirmed my space ship would also be confirmed
since it the gravity propulsion process works. And it's still a secret

The illegal system has to say it doesn't work - below.

I found a way to do it!!!!! The system has to lie now...Lets see what happens...

Ok here is how you do it...OMG...lol - now apparently the illegal system can't confirm
it or steel it for a number of reasons...
1. nobel prize possible - remmember they are ordered to "not-retire" me...
2. it will validate my other space ship light speed product - i don't know for sure
if it works...
lets see what happenes...

No kirk - the game is not over...

All you do is make a mass structure long enought to allow for a vehicle to fall to
the center of gravity of the mass structure.
It will fly out the other side at greater than light speed depending on the length
of the mass structure and the mass of the mass structure.

Now the "weir" just told me (mind download) that this publication is not official
enough and i have to file a patent application or get this notorized.
Interestingly, if they say it doesn't work than my sphere upgrade (still not yet
spoken) works! than i really have found a way to build a space
ship that can travel faster than light. so they are stuck...if they say yes then
light speed has been broken if they say no than my space ship works.
This is because it really does work and they know that...hmm...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Dec 31, 2015 -
This movie has NOTHING TO DO with my work...lol

Its been about 1/2 an hour since i posted this and the weir told me they can now steel the concept and upload it to the USPTO like they did
my other inventions from another country...cuz its public domain...so they can see it - like the mask patent (more later on mask patent) ! -
now remember im following the rules of the USPTO which
is just a trap to steal inventions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When i advertise and release the concept to only patent in the United States the
time travel technology can simply send it to another country
where it is patented and then i can’t even get the U.S. only patent!
And there is a spy camera on me in my “command center” right now!

now im human so my mind didn't process this concept until it was too late or sometimes
they letterally control my brain so i don't even think about it...fortunatley it might not matter for all i got
to do is get the cops (spoc backwards (cops)) to fix the warp drive (looks like a tube doesn't it from original kahn movie! when spot dies - Lol
and then scotty can warp the space ship...

if things do not increase in mass as they fall it only takes around 1 year to reach light speed at gravity equal to the earth.

- The horse head nebula is 2 and 3 light years across.

- Its one half a million years old and will last another 5 million.

- Middle image states stars form due to the gravitational collapse of the gas explaining gravity is pulling dust together even at distances of
light years from center of gravity as stated in top image that it has a “demise.”

So, my light speed device, which is only 1 light year long (having mass equal to the earth) will pull objects into the tube at its end and the object will fall towards the
center and attain light speed before reaching the center. The only thing stoping this device from working is someone saying it doesn’t work –
Classical physics indicates that it works - i think...

Please excuse my prototype - it's not to scale...

The legal system will lie and say it doesn't work for then this web page will be validated and time travel will be confirmed.

And then, they will have to pay me for using it and its priceless you can't pay for it...the machine from the original time line explosion.

If the final attempt at light speed directly above works then the claims about
the gravity sphere upgrade could be true.
A REAL space ship that can move faster than light or the upgrade not shown here that actually works still in my head and a secret.


could you imagine if im right!!!!!

go ahead steel it - you go right ahead...also, if they can steel one of my inventions then it automatically vaildates the time machine, which they will
never steel from themselfs for then everyone gets one...

I real faster than light space craft (already in use!) hangs in the balance (proven by the Nebula)...lets see what happenes...

Does this imagery seem like a coincidence to you? Look at it - it almost has to be about the sphere and the nebula and this web site!

This makes the creation process not work - i don't know about you but that drop concept
really seems possible
How in the heck could i ever come up with such a process?

Interestingly science is admitting that gravity exists at an infinite length from
the center of gravity! If they have to lie they are admitting that the creation
process and my light speed theory are indeed possibly correct.

Flag Counter

Now remember the time machine is confirmed by observatons only - it catches criminals who say it doesn't work - and it doesn't have to be my time machine all
that has to happen is that you know that time travel has occurred...
And by tonting their insanity they did it for me...as a show of power and control.
Any one who can arrest them does not need confirmation from the U.S. etc...or the patent office...its already confirmed…confirmed by observation only.
Anyone can see it.

So all of this doesn't even matter - the time machine is still a secret. And some agreed that inertial mass does not increase from gravity etc.

Anyone - even the ones who have used my intellectual property without my written permission.

Now - The illegal legal system can arrest part of itself

And then we all live happily ever after...because creation is not done yet